What is Marryoke?

Marryoke is particularly popular at weddings and involves your guests miming/lip-syncing and performing to a song of their choice (subject to availability).

The footage is shot in the privacy of our fully enclosed SelfyBooth and is edited after the event so that it appears as if all your guests  are performing the song themselves. The lyrics for the song will be displayed on the screen inside the booth and it is your choice whether they are encouraged to dress up with our props or not. The final edit will include short clips of all guests who participate stitched together to make the final video edit.

The phrase Marryoke is a play on the word karaoke due to the similarity; however a marryoke involves no actual singing from the participants being included in the final edit as the participants singing is lip-synced to the original artist in editing.

Marryoke is a very popular form of wedding entertainment fun for guests.

Important Notes

  • Normal SelfyBooth hire rates apply.
  • Only ONE song can be chosen for each event.  This must be specified in advance and will be subject to availability.
  • Available only on booth hires of more than 2 hours, as at least 2 hours should be considered dedicated to Marryoke mode based on 70-100 guests).
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks post event for the editing of the final video.
  • As Marryoke requires music to be heard by the guests (inside the booth) it is recommended that Marryoke mode is used before the disco or any loud music starts. If you are having a disco, we can commence Photo Booth operation once the Disco entertainment starts.

Popular songs include:

  • Holding out for a hero
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Marry You (Bruno Mars)
  • Perfect Day (Lou Reed)
  • I would walk 500 miles
  • Amarillo
  • Happy (Pharrell Williams)
  • Uptown Funk (feat Bruno Mars)
  • Wonderwall